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Mailing Label Backgrounds To Consider

by Taylor Hughes

Mailing labels are an important product to print for all sorts of businesses. Affixing labels to the envelopes and packages that you send out helps them to look professional. A commercial printing service can design mailing labels to suit your needs. In the case of return address labels, for example, you might want a rendering of your brand's logo in addition to your address. When you're placing your order, one thing to think about is how you want the background of your mailing labels to look. Here are three designs that you might wish to think about. 


Perhaps the most common background design for a mailing label is a white one, and while this design may lack a little in the way of visual appeal, it offers a clean and professional look. A white background can also look good if you're primarily affixing these labels to white envelopes and boxes. The background of the label will disappear against the color of the box, further helping the label to look clean and the lettering to stand out.


You might also wish to consider a colored background for your mailing labels. This design helps the labels to stand out on the packages, which may be a look that appeals to you. For example, if you have a white box with a mailing label that has a bright colored background, there's little question that the label will draw peoples' attention. You can choose any color you wish, but it can make sense to select a color that is present in your company's branding. You'll also want to choose text for the label that has a color that is easy to read against the colored background.


If you're interested in adding a little more visual appeal to your mailing labels, consider having your printing service design them to feature an image in the background. Generally, you'll want this image to have a faded look so that it doesn't interfere with people's ability to read the wording on the label. Think of what image ties in well with your type of business. For example, if you run a music-related company, you might like the look of a faded piano keyboard appearing in the background of your labels. Or, if you run a landscaping company, a background image that depicts grass might be suitable.

Consider each of these ideas, and then make a decision when you place your order with a local commercial printing service. Contact a local label printing service to learn more.