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Designing Cosmetics Packaging

by Taylor Hughes

Cosmetic packaging is critical for your business to stand out among all the other cosmetics brands. Additionally, unlike some other products, your packaging may need to be functional. There are various considerations that need to be addressed for your packaging to work for your products.


The aesthetics of your packaging will be your first decision. Your objective should be to choose typography, color, and graphics that will become part of your brand recognition. If you haven't worked with a graphic designer to determine how your brand will look, this is a good time to start. You may need to slightly alter your current logo or typography to fit various products. For example, some smaller packaging may not be large enough to contain your logo, but having a specific color scheme and typography might still be enough to recognize your products.


A popular trend in cosmetics is sustainability. The first way to make your packaging more sustainable is to opt for a minimalistic approach to your brand. Use the minimal amount of packaging necessary to safely contain and transport the product. You should also find ways to make the packaging better for the environment so it creates less waste. Whenever possible, choose recycled paper and cardboard, since this type of packaging is the least expensive and more sustainable. Choosing glass containers instead of plastic can be a bit harder, since glass is more expensive, heavier, and more likely to break than plastic. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a type of plastic that is a more sustainable option, since it can be reused by the customer and is also recyclable.


You should be logical in the packaging you use for different products because this will make customers prefer your packaging over other options. If you sell liquid foundation, one of the major hurdles for customers is not being able to see the color. Finding a color match by visually comparing the color to your skin tone is challenging enough, it's even more challenging when brands do not put foundation in clear containers. Ideally, liquid foundation should be in a container with a pump because it reduces the chance of pouring too much foundation. If you sell cosmetics that are powder and often applied with a large, fluffy brush, such as setting powder or blush, it makes more sense to have this makeup in a wider, flat container so it fits larger brushes.

The packaging you create for cosmetics not only helps with brand recognition, but it can influence how customers feel about your products. Currently, usability and sustainability are important features of cosmetics packaging.

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