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Need A New Copier For Your Business? 3 Types To Choose From

by Taylor Hughes

If you own your own business and need to have a copier you will find there are many types available. Some are more expensive than others, so it is important that you know the type you need. Below is information about three types to help you decide. 

Desktop Copier

If you have a small business that will not need a large copier, you can purchase desktop copiers. These are much smaller and can fit on a desk or a table. For basic copying needs, this type of copier works fine. You should know because the copier is smaller it cannot print large paper sizes. If you copy mostly letters or legal-sized documents, this will work well for you and save you a lot of money. You could even purchase more than one for your office, if needed. 

Multifunctional Copier

A multifunctional copier does much more than just copy. The basic multifunction copier copies, prints, scans, and can fax documents. There are more expensive multifunctional copiers that are connected to Wi-Fi. This allows you to share documents easily throughout your business. If the Internet capabilities go behind Wi-Fi you can even share the documents with other offices, clients, etc.  Along with this, multifunctional copiers have other accessories. For example, there are different finishing options available, such as stapling documents after they have been copied, or the copier can fold your documents for you. This type of copier is generally much faster than other types so you could even replace all your copiers in your office and only use one, which can save space and energy. 

Digital Copier

Standard copiers use analog processors which in turn use an internal mirror to copy the document onto a drum that the copier then copies. This type of copier uses toner and heat that dries the image onto the paper. Digital copiers digitally scan the document into memory. A laser is then used to place the image onto the paper. Because the image is in the memory, you can transmit the copy over Wi-Fi or transmit the copy to other digital devices. 

Talk with a copier sales associate to learn more about copiers for your business. They will ask you what you plan to use the copier for to help them determine what would work best for you and your employees. If you purchase a large copier, the company will bring it to your business and set it up for you.