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Designing And Printing Marketing Booklets

by Taylor Hughes

Booklets can be an effective marketing tool for your business. However, these are fairly complicated documents to prepare and print. To avoid some major mistakes and to help these booklets have a big impact, there are a few design considerations that you should be following.

Choose A Size That Individuals Can Easily Carry

Individuals are unlikely to accept or take your booklets if they are too large to be easily carried. Ideally, these booklets should be small enough to fit in a person's pocket so that they can easily carry them. Balancing the size of the booklet will be a challenge as it will depend on the number of pages that you will need the booklet to contain. For example, if you have a lot of text that is needing to be printed, this could lead to smaller books becoming fairly thick. Ordering a couple of prototypes of the booklet can be an important step for striking the right balance between the size and thickness of the booklet.

Thoroughly Proofread The Booklet Before Sending It To Be Printed

Spelling errors or other mistakes in the booklet can be a significant mistake as it can detract from the message that you are trying to convey with the booklet. In cases where you are attempting to sell products, these mistakes may cause potential customers to be more resistant to buying your products or services. Ideally, your company should hire a professional proofreading service as they will be able to assess your document for errors as well as general flow. If this is not possible with your company's budget, having multiple people read the booklet can help to catch these errors.

Use Pictures To Keep The Booklet Engaging To Readers

If your booklet's goal is to get individuals to buy your products or services, it is important to ensure the booklet is both informative and engaging. A booklet that is all text may not be as engaging as you would need to convert an individual into a customer. However, including high-quality pictures and diagrams can help you with conveying your message while keeping the booklet engaging to readers. Printing services may charge more for the use of images in the booklets. If you are needing to have a large number of booklets printed, consulting with several different printing services can be a useful strategy for getting the best price. To get an accurate quote, a final copy of the booklet will be needed so that the number of pages and images can be assessed by the printer.

For more information on custom size booklet printing, contact a professional near you.