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Assorted Birthday Cards—the Best Gift for Your Friends and Sorors

by Taylor Hughes

Suppose your friend or sorority sister has an upcoming birthday. Can you already feel the pressure of trying to figure out what they want as a gift? And as if that isn't enough, afterward you have to go out shopping for a good gift with a deadline, in the form of the actual birthday date, hanging over your head! But it doesn't have to be that way. Birthdays should be fun and something to look forward to. So, how about saving yourself a headache and go with a gorgeous birthday card? Read on to learn more about why birthday cards can make the ideal gift for your friends and sorority sisters. 

1. Cards can nurture relationships

Technological advancements have affected this world in numerous ways. For example, today, you can shop for a birthday gift online from the comfort of your couch using your phone rather than waste time going in and out of stores. On the other hand, it's also tempting to send an email or text that simply says "happy birthday", followed by a cake emoji. While that is quicker and easier, it lacks the sincerity and personal touch associated with greeting cards. When your friend receives a birthday card, they will feel special, and your bond will grow stronger.

2. They are tangible proof of affection

If you want to show your friend or sorority sister you love her, consider a physical display of that affection. Nothing is better at that than a sentimental birthday card with a well-crafted and thoughtful handwritten message. Plus, the recipient can show off the card to other sorority sisters, friends, and family. That way, they feel surrounded by people that love and care for them, and you will feel appreciated.

3. They serve as memorabilia

Most people consider the time they spent with their fellow sorors as incomparable, and for a good reason. Sororities offer you much more than just fun and parties. You get to network with like-minded peers and engage in philanthropic activities that foster community service and hone leadership qualities. Therefore, this period should be memorable. And one of the most sentimental keepsakes that help keep the memory of the sorority life alive is birthday cards.

4. They help you retain connections

College is fun, but it doesn't last forever. Eventually, students graduate, and, sadly enough, some drift apart and become forgotten memories. Fortunately, sorority membership doesn't end even after graduating college. Most sororities and fraternities encourage consistent communication, which helps maintain the connection between members. One of the best ways to do that, even over long distances, is sending thoughtful and sentimental birthday cards to each other. 

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