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5 Choices When Choosing A Copy Machine

by Taylor Hughes

When it comes to choosing a copy machine for your business, there are lots of choices you are going to need to make. These choices will help you choose the best machine that will fit your business needs.

Choice #1: Print Colors

The first choice you are going to need to make is what type of print colors you want. You can choose a printer that only prints out black and white documents. If you print a lot of regular documents that don't require color, having a dedicated black and white printer can be useful.

If you need to regularly print out documents containing colors, such as pie graphs and charts, you will want a printer that prints in color. Copiers that print in color are usually going to cost more than ones that just print in black and white.

Choice #2: Connection

The second choice you need to consider is how you want to connect to the printer.

You can have a wired connection to the printer. With a wired connection, you can only send items to the printer from the computer that is directly connected to the printer.

With a wireless connection, multiple devices can connect to the printer and send it jobs. If you have numerous employees in the office who need to print jobs, having a wireless printer will allow everyone access to the printer.

Choice #3: Job Size

Third, you need to consider the size of the jobs you send to the printer. Most printers will print documents out at a certain rate of pages per minute. The rate you need your printer to print documents depends upon how many documents you print each day. You need to assess how many jobs you print each day and how many you want to print each day to figure out the capacity of the printer that you need. A larger job size will help you print out more documents in a quick manner.

Choice #4: Quality

Fourth, you need to consider the resolution of the printer. You need to consider the DPI of the printer, which is essentially the resolution of the printer. If you want to only print simple text documents, a lower DPI is okay. If you want to print out photographs and other color items, you will want to go with a printer with a higher DPI rating.

Choice #5: Supplies

Finally, you need to consider the cost of supplies to take care of the copier. Look up the cost to replace the ink and toners in the copy machine, and make sure that the supplies to use the machine are something you can afford.

When it comes to purchasing a copy machine, you need to think about what colors you want to print documents in, what type of connection you need the printer to have, the print job's quality, and the supply costs of using the copier. Thinking about these choices will help you choose a better copier that fits your business needs.