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Direct Marketing Could Tell a Superheroic Story

by Taylor Hughes

Comic book characters are more popular now than they've been in many decades. The superhero movie explosion contributed greatly to the renewed mainstream interest. Small business owners may now reap promotional rewards from the superhero fad: they can mimic classic comic book artwork to craft brilliant direct marketing material. For home improvement and repair-based businesses, the marketing material could cast typical homeowner troubles as villainous and the repair professionals as heroes. If the materials enthrall homeowners the way comic books captivate young persons, maybe the marketing items will generate decent sales.

A Heroic Approach to Addressing Plumbing Scenarios

Homeowners may be dealing with minor plumbing issues that aren't necessarily insignificant. A small leak could lead to severe problems if left unattended. Perhaps direct marketing materials could get a necessary point across in comic book form. Here is one way how:

  • A Villian Creates a Problem: A bizarre-looking supervillain could detail his plans, via word balloons, to create a leak in the basement pipes.
  • The Problem Grows Worse: The art reveals a leak that causes further problems. Description boxes explain that leaky pipes can lead to water-damaged floors and more.
  • A Hero Plumber Saves the Day: A "superhero plumber" shows up to fix the leak and vanquish the villain. A close-up panel box features the plumber-hero explaining why it is essential to address plumbing problems sooner rather than later.

A professional direct marketing company that employs talented artists and copywriters could come up with a brilliant flyer that expertly presents the above comic book and text detailing critical information about the plumbing company. And it is important to hire the right direct marketing firm for the job.

Putting Together a Wholly Unique Work

Creative people tend to be original thinkers, and originality becomes critical when hoping to avoid copyright infringement. Being inspired by well-known comic book characters is fine, but the marketing material must be original and not derivative of another company's properties.

Crafting the Best Layout

Marketing professionals may be the better choice for creating the material than freelance graphic novel creators. Pros familiar with direct marketing likely understand how to put the layout together, so the central promotional principle is not obscured. Bold text at the top focusing on plumbing, for example, could present the identifying lead-in. The comic book story component then tells the promotional tale in an entertaining way.

While this strategy might seem atypical to traditional direct mailing plans, it could deliver exciting results. Originality counts and creativity may deliver heroic results. For more information, contact direct marketing services.