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Four Color Printing- Quality Printing At An Affordable Price

by Taylor Hughes

Printed documents serve an important purpose in modern business communications. Whether your company is printing a product brochure, a flyer advertising a special sale, or point of sale materials, you want these documents to be vivid and striking.

The use of color in business communications can increase readership and boost retention rates among consumers. Large-scale color printing can get costly, but you can rely on the four color process to help you access quality printing at an affordable price.

Four color printing uses standardized colors.

The purpose of the four color printing process is to separate an image into four distinct colors. These colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Nearly every color in the spectrum can be created by layering these colors over one another.

The standardization of these colors allows printing companies to obtain materials at a reduced cost, and the savings is passed along to you. Four color printing is the best choice for printing color documents in large volumes.

Four color printing is used in many print shops.

Almost every print shop in the country utilizes four color printing processes to help meet the needs of their customers. This can be very beneficial if you need to reproduce color documents while you are away from your company's home base.

Because the four color printing process uses the same standardized ink colors, a print shop you have never worked with before will be able to accurately reproduce your color documents. This can help you ensure that you have access to plenty of advertising materials when you are working out of town or participating in a trade show in the future.

Varying shades are produced using halftones.

What the eye perceives to be a solid block of color is actually a series of printed dots that vary in their size, shape, and spacing. The color saturation of each of these dots can be adjusted to create lighter shades of the four basic colors used in four color printing. These diluted colors are referred to as halftones.

Halftones are an important part of the four color printing process. Variations in halftones can have a dramatic effect on the vibrancy of your color documents once they have been printed in bulk.

Print services are vital to the success of modern companies. You can improve the quality of your printed materials without driving up the cost of print services by opting to take advantage of four color print processes in the future.