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Packaging Jewelry: What To Know

by Taylor Hughes

The trinkets you make from hand are a source of pride, and being able to send your pieces around the world is something you may not have expected. Because you may not ever have sat down to plan, the way you pack up pieces and ship them could use work. Your packing and shipping systems should reflect the beauty and style of your jewelry instead of being generic. What specific things should happen?

Building Brand with Materials

If you're boxing up your jewelry pieces in plain black boxes, upgrading is vital. Remember, for better business, people must be able to mentally separate you from other retailers. If your packaging is indistinguishable from other jewelers, that hurts your prospects. Therefore look for different-colored velvet jewelry pads for mounting or use colored tissue paper. Change the color of your boxes or explore custom labeling.

Any changes must align with the brand you're building. If your pieces are refined and traditional, black boxes may be appropriate, but try embossed silver lettering on them. If you're positioning yourself as modern and young, try bright primary colors.

Asking for Miniature Folding

Sending along jewelry care instructions on business-size papers looks unprofessional and can be puzzling for customers. If some customers don't speak English, you'll have to keep separate piles of instructions around. Eliminate both those issues by just using miniature folding. This process shrinks down text into tiny booklets for distribution. Customers can read instructions and different languages may be combined into one booklet 

You'll have to partner with a print shop who can produce these miniature-folded documents for you without too much wait time. They may suggest design changes to better suit the miniature folding format, but when you see the finished mini-booklet, you'll be pleased.

Getting Postal Scale

You may never have noticed the actual weight of your jewelry and use flat rates from your shipping services. In fact, you should always know which shipping is cheapest; postal scales are the easiest ways to do that. Not only can you better decide shipping options, but you may save yourself some hours by shipping straight from the office or house. Saving shipping costs will free up business funds to spend on better shipping and packing supplies.

Spending time with these jewelry business issues will give you packages that make you as proud as your pieces. Study competitors, talk with retailers and ask customers how your jewelry company can always improve.