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4 Ways To Work With Your Copier For Optimum Results

by Taylor Hughes

If you have a copier in your office and you feel like you are always having issues with it, changing the way you interact with your copier can reduce the number of issues that you have with your copier and improve the use and function that your copier provides you with.

Allow Your Copier to Warm Up

When your copier has been sitting unused overnight or over the weekend, give it some time to wake up before you start using it. Turn your copier on when you get to the office, and let it warm up. When your copier is not used for a long period of time, even if you don't turn your copier off, it will go into sleep mode. It takes some time for your copier to wake up from sleep mode. Generally, when a copier wakes up from sleep mode, it goes through a calibration process. Allow it time to complete this process before you try to print something.

Run Some Test Prints

If your copier has not been used for multiple days, such as over a weekend, first allow your copier to warm up. Then, run a few test prints before you start really using the copier. You may even want to have a file with test prints that you run after each weekend. A few short test prints will allow your copier to wake up, calibrate, and get back into working order before you try to have your printer print a hundred-page document. 

Watch the Fill Line

Keep in mind that just because you have a new ream of paper doesn't mean that it should all go into your copier at once. If you look at the paper drawer, on the side, you will notice a fill line. You should put paper in the paper drawer so it is right below the fill line, not even with or above the fill line. When you overfill the paper drawer, you increase the chance of the paper getting jammed.

When you put paper in your copier, fan the stack from one corner first. This little bit of air will separate pages that may be stuck together and make it easier for the paper to feed through your copier.

Keep the Paper in Good Shape

Finally, make sure that you keep the copier paper in good shape. Store it somewhere where there is not a lot of humidity. Humidity can cause your paper to curl up, increasing the chance of jams and low quality prints.

To get optimum results out of your printer, be sure that you are working with your printer, not against it. Allow your printer time to wake up and calibrate in the morning, run test prints after a long weekend of being idle, take care of your printer paper and be sure to keep the paper below, not even with, the fill line when you add new paper to the paper drawer. Contact a company like High Sierra Business Systems to learn more about copiers.