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How To Use Picture Frames In A Unique Manner

by Taylor Hughes

Are you a creative person who loves to decorate with your own personal touch? Do you like to give one-of-a-kind gifts that will show the recipient that a lot of thought went into their present? If so, here are some ideas on how to use picture frames, from a location like Frame It On Bloor Inc, in a unique manner.

Framing Family Memorabilia - There is nothing quite as special as receiving a piece of family history.

  • Do you have your grandmother's favorite recipes written in her own handwriting? Select about four of them, mat them in a color that complements your kitchen decor and hang them in a group on your kitchen wall.
  • Another idea is to frame your own recipes to give to your own daughters or granddaughters. Choose background paper with a tiny floral design and enhance the recipe a ribbon before you place it in the frame. 
  • If you are looking for something more masculine, look for advertisements that you can cut out of old magazine. Choose things like advertisements for old cars, shaving products and of men's clothing that show prices of years gone by.
  • Is somebody dear to you having a special birthday? Frame thoughts people have about that person. For example, if your mother is turning seventy years old, ask each family member to share with you something he or she loves about her. When you have accumulated seventy quotes, write SEVENTY THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT MOM in the center of a page, surround those words with the expressions of love and copy them onto a piece of ivory colored card stock. Mat the presentation and then place it in a beautiful antique frame to be given to your mother on her special day.

Shadow Box Framing - Some items are too large or cumbersome to place in a regular frame. Shadow box frames are perfect for those items.

  • For example, if you are lucky enough to have your great grandmother's gloves, her pretty hankie and her wedding ring, place them together in a shadow box to be displayed.  
  • Do you have beautiful jewelry pieces that you realize you're never going to wear? Or, perhaps you have just one earring out of a set, while having lost the second one? Arrange each piece of jewelry in an attractive manner and secure it in a shadow box.
  • Medals are another great thing to put in shadow boxes. Whether you have medals that an ancestor earned or awards that you or your husband earned, they will not only look nice in a shadow box, but they will be well protected.
  • Are you decorating a room with a cowboy theme? Place real spurs, boots, a lasso and a cowboy hat in a huge shadow box and add words like Cowboy Lingo Spoken Here for a bit of humor.

Once you get started doing your own custom framing a whole new world or creativity will open up to you.